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Bulletin Board

Accident - Today (13/12/17)

You might be aware that there was a serious road traffic accident this morning.
Sadly, we can confirm that one of our students was involved in the accident and is currently receiving treatment in hospital.

The year group have been informed in an assembly this afternoon and we are providing support for them here at the Academy at this difficult time.
With on-going support from our Educational Psychologist colleagues, we will continue to support all our students.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our student and their family at this time.

End of Term Early Closure

School will finish early at 12.30 on the last day of term, Thursday 21 December. A letter explaining further may be read here

Blood Brothers

As a consequence of the End of Term early closure, the Year 11 production of "Blood Brothers" has been rescheduled for Tuesday 19 December and Wednesday 20 December.

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