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Bulletin Board

Uniform update for new Year 9 parents

We can inform you that Deane and Sons have stock of new house ties, all of the skirts and a small delivery of the girls blazer. They are still awaiting delivery of the boys blazers and the remaining girls blazers. Delivery is expected next week (week commencing 6 August) . We will keep you updated.
May we remind you that school shirts and trousers may be purchased from Deane and Sons or a High Street shop. Trousers must be mid grey in colour and of a formal school design. Thank you.


To the Parents/Carers of Current Year 9 (2017/18 - Year 10 from September)

The German Study Trip to Munich and the R.E. Study Trip to Poland

Thank you to those parents/carers who have expressed an interest in wishing to secure a place for your child on the above trips next school year.

At this stage in the Summer Term numbers are yet to be confirmed; but we have recorded your intentions and will be advertising the trips again in September in order to give all students and parents adequate time to consider these enrichment opportunities and to express their interest.

We wish you a lovely summer holiday and we will correspond again in September once we have finalised numbers.

Georgina Rebello (Subject Leader for Languages)
Louise Jory (Subject leader for Religion, Philosophy and Ethics)

Inset Day Added to 2018-19

Please note the updated calendar dates for the next academic year.